Rosa’s New Projects January/february 2010

I’m so excited to be able to share up to date information through my blogs, on what I’ve been up to since i left Psychic TV, and where I’ll be going to next. For those of you that watched and interacted with me on Sky 886 you’ll know that i had appeared on the show since 2005! Yes a long time i know..however, it was great to be apart of a product that started Very small, and to know that i was a key member and contributor- during it’s infancy…. is great!

I departed in January 2010 to persue, and invite other projects into my space and I’m delighted to say that on the 24th January i was invited to go to Budapest by ESO.TV. We shot a pilot, which went out Live to Canada. The format is the same as psychic Interactive here in the UK, however i was the host as well a Taking live calls from the public! I was buzzing… The studio was great, Really spacious and the people i interacted with were kind and professional!… Budapest is a beautiful City Steeped in History… I was in awe!!!

It Was indeed a wonderful experience, so now lets “wait and see” ? I’m hopeful I’ll be going back.! I will upload the show asap.

My second collaboration is with a Consultancy company that are hosting an event at the Ivy restaurant in covert Garden I am one of five panelist, to predict and forecast future trends for 2010. Other panelist include Tom Stanage Who’s a business affairs editor at the Economist magazine and is also an Author of 5 History books including the Victorian Internet. Other panelist include a futurist / trend spotter. I have to prepare a presentation of only 10 minutes long, and talk about how i see things changing, and taking place over the year from a spiritual view-point. I’m also using Astrological aspects as a collective tool to predict possible changing attitudes and trends. Also I’ll be touching on what i believe the public and my clients needs are, within a clairvoyant reading. That’s on the 12th February…. So it’s been a busy and exciting start to the year and i have no doubt, that it’ll continue to be that way for the rest of 2010. I’ll keep you posted….

Thanks for taking time to read my blog. Untill next time…

Withe love and great vibes for 2010.. here’s to a great one!
Rosa XX


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