Jupiter in Pisces…

Being a Sun sign Sagittarius, Jupiter is my solar Ruler. I’m particularly interested( maybe more so at the moment because of the changes I’m making) in this placement.  Jupiter in essence, represents growth, optimism,generosity, joy abundance.. just to name but a few of the  positive traits.  Jupiter  can also  bring “good luck” into our orbit IF we are open to it?.

My understanding of Jupiter’s transit through Pisces is  a stronger belief  in a “higher power” We are more able to attract luck, and rich experiences through our intuition and imagination (Pisces influence) Compassion, devotion, and looking out for others, usually those less fortunate than ourselves is a strong part of this  transit.We are more idealistic and perhaps less ambitious in the worldly sense.  More motivated to give.

Jupiter’s effects, are to expand our experiences, our knowledge and our understanding. The higher Vibration of Jupiter looks for perspective. Jupiter’s perspective isn’t about a detached analytical or a detailed look at any given situation (As in Aquarius the sign  before) but an over view …. a look at the “Big picture”. With Jupiter,  hopefully we are more able to rise above pettiness, and  mundane concerns.   All the “Small stuff” that can sometimes get in the way of what is truly relevent to our Spiritual growth can seem meaningless?

Enjoy this Transits. particularly if it’s well aspected in your birth chart or if you are a Sun sign Pisces or in my case a Sagittarius. It’s worth checking out what part of your chart will be high lighted. That way, you’ll understand and hopefully get the most out of this life enhancing transit.!

Take care and look out for other as well as yourselves !

love, and travel happy…Rosa x


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