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New’s… Rosa at Psychic sisters in Selfridges, 15th and 22nd of March!

March, has always been one of my favourite months of the year. January and February can feel like the ultimate bad “Hangover”….. The party’s over, and you are left with all the mopping up to do! March and the sun sign Aries for me represents new beginnings.  Aries,  Being the first sign of the zodiac and correlateing  to the number 1 vibration.. 

There are two things, that I’d like to share with you. Firstly, January was a cracking start to my year.,( as i mentioned previously.) Most of you reading this blog will know that I left Psychic TV after 5 years of  regular appearences. So many of you asked me  why I left,( it was the right time)  and sent me some wonderful messages of kindness and feedback about the  readings you’d had  me. I’m still available for readings by the way, just not on 886 . Anyway back to my point….. I went to Budapest in January to shoot a pilot for a TV company.  This was an interactive program, much like   psychic interactive here in the UK.I hosted the show as well as taking Live calls. It was a great experience… I loved  Budapest and it’s probable that I’m going to be invited back soon, i’ve recently been told . Brilliant…. Secondly, many viewers emailed me and called to say that they found it impossible to get through to me on the show. One woman said that she had tried for 2 years, and then finally gave up!!! I don’t blame her. Well,  for those of you that want to book  a face to face reading with me  not only can you reach me privately, I’m also going to be at  psychic Sisters on the 15th and 22nd of March.   These are the only two confirmed dates at the moment.? I’m really looking forward to joining this friendly team! 

So,  if you fancy a trip to Selfridge in Central london  go to the Psychic sisters  website to book your reading with me.  Click onto “The team” and fill out the contact form,  for either of those 2 dates.  I hope to be   Busy!!! its a great opportunity, as  privately I only do telephone readings unless it’s a group booking….  then  i come to you!   

I hope that your new year started off  well? .

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Love Rosa xxx 

Book a reading with Rosa@ Psychic Sisters in Selfridges on  Monday 15th and the 22nd of March.