Full Moon in Virgo February 28th.

Another full moon is upon us,  and this time it’s in the fastidious sign of Virgo! Interestingly enough( Depending on the overall chart ect) I’ve met many Virgo folk who are not in the least bit interested in cleaning, being tidy….ect  all that 6th house stuff that many  of us deem to be too mundane to even contemplate.. Much depends upon so many other factors, such as our early up bringing( The moon) and values (Venus) 

This next up-and coming full moon is an interesting one…. With the moon opposing Jupiter in Pisces. On one hand, we are pulled towards “Getting our house in order” versus expanding our spiritual pathways and knowledge through our  imagination, inspiration and our  intuition. These energies,  are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Think of  Yin and Yang . .. Having said that, the trine to Pluto in Capricorn urges us to ground our inspired vision into deep restructuring! 

It’s worth checking which house in your natal chart,  this full moon is transiting. In my case it’s my 10th house Of ambition, public image and long-term goals …. It’s true to say that I am very much seeking out “pastures new” but not in the Jupitarian sense…. that the ” grass is greener” …(.I spent much of my 20 and 30’s doing that !. ) 

Look at what you put  into place, or  wished  for at the last new Moon a couple of weeks ago. Take a look back to see how far you’ve come ?. This could be a good barometer if you want to work with Lunar energies.   There’s no right or wrong but,  if you really want to keep an eye on progress this year,  and make every month count in one way or another.. this is a good way to gage things. 

  Full Moons are about completion, but try not to get Caught up in the “Small stuff” if you can help it.  work on blending these energies that are available to all of  us.  A good way to utilise these  energies would be to “Feng shui” your home, office, or even parts of your life, that you feel aren’t working for you anymore! 

2010 can be as exciting as you make it?  We are officially in the year of the Tiger…. so  Walking along “tangible lines”  is not what the Tiger energy is about . Just make sure,  that whilst you’re out there daring to be different,  fabulous, and  clever…. not to tread all over those, that are less fortunate than yourselves!….

 Happy full Moon.

 And finally.  I am available for space clearing within the london area. For enquiries email me on rosaderriviere@tiscali.co.uk 

Love Rosa 

Copy right Rosa Derriviere 2010


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