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Psychic Development weekend @ Thoresby Hall hotel and Spa Friday 12th November

The weekend of the 12th November Rosa Derriviere and Jayne Wallace will be teaching at Thoresby Hall Hotel and spa for a weekend of Psychic Development, in the sumptuous surrounds of this 18-19th century building : The Line up looks like this ..

Afternoon Sessions 2:30 till 4:30 DISCOVERING CRYSTALS

Sunday: 11:am -1:PM How to read the Psycards

Afternoon Session: 2:PM TILL 4:30 PM

Private readings with Rosa and Jayne are also available on this weekend!
Do check out what’s on for December, and for next years line up… All information can be seen at or

Love Rosa xx

Psycometry & Psychic Development workshop Thursday October 21st With Rosa Derriviere

Rosa will teach you how to develop your intuition through the ancient art of Psychometry….
Psychometry is a form of scrying…In Ancient times Mystics, would tune into a person, whilst reading them with a bowl of water…. Crystal ball readings are similar..
In Psychometry, by holding an object you can sense, feel, see, and even smell the history connected to that object, and the person it belongs to. It’s a great way to develop your intuition,and allows you to flow freely with the images you sense, feel , or see without pressure. Rosa will guide you through your own personal journey of psychic development in a safe and grounded way. Working in pairs, guided meditation, and techniques in how to open and close your energy field for psychic protection, are all important elements of this workshop.
Limited spaces available so do book now.
VENUE: The Psychic school Selfridges 4th Floor
COST: £30
Time 6:pm til 8:pm
For more workshop dates and information Visit