Monthly Archives: December 2010

Happy Yule One and all..

As another year comes to a close, with a recent T square in the heavens creating havoc, this aspects was a big test. Like striking a match, it was going to either creat a gentle flame, or blow-up like a fire work! 2010 has most definitely been one of the most un predictable years to date. The year of the chinese Tiger, and only a few months left of my Chiron return, many Karmic wounds are healing. As i look back on my year i can honestly say that i’ve been through a re-birth! ..! The plus side is that i feel more in touch with my self, than ever before..
So for anyone that has taken the time to read my rather short and (last blog of 2010..). I’d like to thank everyone that’s loved me, everyone that’s helped me everyone that’s touched me, and everyone that’s hurt me… because there’s always a lesson to learn through pain…So whilst i stand back for a short while, and spend time only with my loved one’s, i wish you all a Happy christmas and a bright and happy new year … Look out for my Celebrity Astro predictions for 2011 in Reveal Magazine On the shelves Xmas Eve. I’ll fill you in later on the rest!
Love Rosa xx