Cosmic Ordering Article:

cosmic ordering Article:
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Cosmic order your Guy or Girl for keeps… in 7 easy steps
Your relationship guide for life

Rosa Derrivere is a Psychic clairvoyant, with 20 years, of professional experience in the UK and abroad. Rosa’s been teaching psychic development and cosmic ordering workshops for many years. At the age of 39, Rosa was completely ready to be in a committed relationship. During this fated time, in 1999, Rosa met her husband through a good friend. Although blissfully happy now, Rosa was single for a long period of time before they met however, she always knew that her guy was out there somewhere and that it was only a matter of time before they’d meet… looking back she now knows why it took so long before destiny brought them together?
A common question asked, when most people start cosmic ordering is, when is ‘such and such’ going to happen’. The manifestation of our wishes depends upon many factors…particularly if this involves another person. Rosa knew that her husband to be was out there, many years before they had actually met, and when they eventually did meet, it all fell into place as to why it took so long. The reason being….. He simply wasn’t available!
Rosa and her husband are now celebrating 11 years of marriage this autumn 2010; Rosa says she wouldn’t change a thing. We go through many internal and external changes throughout our lives. There are always reasons, as to why things go wrong or don’t happen when we want them to. TRUST is a key factor, to manifesting our wishes coupled with believing that the universe will provide, when the time is right and when we least expect it…
Staying positive and active are also key factors. There’s no value in cosmic ordering and then sitting around being miserable about it. It’s important not to give up hope at the first hurdle… keep dreaming, even day dreaming…it all helps. Work with your spirit guides, or your ‘higher self’. There are many Ancient Deities you can incorporate, such as the Greek Goddess of love Aphrodite. Cosmic ordering can become an Art, so make it as elaborate or as simple as you wish. The other essential thing to remember is to ask for what you want…. NOT what you don’t want…. the universe only computes what we ask for, and isn’t interested in our dissatisfaction in life, so it’s important not to add any negatives during the process. Your energy and motivation is just as (if not more) important than the order itself.
Try this as an experiment;
Sit down, relax and think about something that you’ve always wanted… for example; A brand new car, or a lovely new home, a loving relationship. Imagine yourself driving that car, or see yourself sitting on the sofa in your new home…. or being in a happy and loving relationship. Allow your imagination, to create that perfect picture, and then tune into how you felt when you created this vision… Did you feel any doubt creeping in? Or were you having problems, creating or visualising…? If the answer is yes, then this could be the key to potential blocks, in that area of your life and perhaps why you’re not manifesting your wishes? Most people ask how often they should do cosmic ordering. There are many schools of thought about this. My suggestion is to make sure that you are initially clear in your mind’s eye, positive- and ready for this manifestation to happen, as it could, transform your life. Secondly if you are going to use tools to enhance the process then be sure to choose tools you feel comfortable with… be as creative as you want to be, and always come from your heart.
Here are some ‘DO’S and ‘DONT’S to help the process along…..
To manifest love;

DO: visualise the kind of partner that you’d like to meet… be specific. For example; if you want to attract a partner that will stay faithful, and is single, and wants a family or would accept one, then specify this.
DO: request detail. If you want a partner to be ambitious, successful, and of a certain age that’s fine too
DO: be realistic…There’s no such thing as perfection but still aim high!

DON’T: be stressed, unhappy, down, negative or cynical about, or during your cosmic ordering as it probably won’t work…
DON’T: be obsessive, or give too much detail to friends and family, about your cosmic ordering, it’s tempting I know however, this may dissipate the energy before it manifests.
Your 7 easy steps to cosmic ordering;

Step 1) Preparation… Create your sacred space, have all your tools to hand
Burn some incense, and light a pink candle (preferably the size, of a dinner candle, a column will take too long.) Anoint your candle with some essential oil, putting a few drops into the palm of your hand. Apply the oil to the candle from pole to pole… Make sure that you choose oil that you like.
Step 2) Place your candle into a holder; place the incense in an incense holder, in the same room so that you can see them both. Relax, Centre yourself and take a seat.
Step 3) on a piece of clean un-used paper, start writing a list of values, needs, looks etc
That you would want in a long term partner… remember, there’s no such thing as perfection, so do make sure to list what’s really important.
Step 4) When you are happy with your list fold the paper 3 times and say aloud, “Divine guardian angels send me my true love, my thanks, love, and gratitude I send to you above”…
When you feel satisfied, and ready, put your list underneath the candle holder and let the candle burn till the end making sure, that it burns somewhere safe….
Step 5) When the flame and the candle have completely burnt down, seal your list with, some of the warm wax (this needn’t be perfect just so long as some of the wax contacts your list)
Step6) Take yourself into the garden or anywhere out side , preferably towards a New or the night of the Full Moon as these are auspicious times for cosmic ordering particularly if the moon is in the partnership sign of Libra ( It’s not essential for beginners but every little bit helps…)
Step 7) Light your list, and then blow the ashes into the Ether. Conclude by sending thanks and gratitude to the universe, asking for your request to happen ASAP. Close yourself down, and let the Universe work it’s Magic!

Your cosmic tool kit;
Candles and corresponding colours, to enhance manifestation…
Pink: Love
Red: Passion
Orange: self esteem

Green: prosperity
Yellow: Clarity
Purple: Clairvoyance

Indigo: Psychic development
Blue; Expression/ protection
Silver: Deepest feminine wisdom
Gold: Souls path

Black: Endings/restriction (use with caution)
White: Purity /Spirituality/protection
Essentials Oils:
Rose; Palma Rosa or Geranium
Rose quartz: for Love
Amethyst: Psychic connection
Citrine: Abundance

Create your cosmic vision board:
Using pictures of your ideal scenario make a vision board or collage. Create a special Alter in your home even if you only have a shelf, if space is limited. Decorate your Alter with fresh Flowers, scented candles , crystals, plants and or an Ancient Goddess… let your imagination flow freely. Visit your Alter regularly, to keep the energy and Magic alive.

It may seem strange or odd to cosmic order a relationship, for keeps? However, look at it like this…If you truly feel that you’re ready to attract the partner of your dreams, and you believe that he/she does exist, and that you are deserving of a happy and fulfilling relationship, then that’s exactly what you’ll get !

Copy right Rosa Derriviere 2010

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