Non Je ne regrette Rein..Mars retrograde in Virgo.

Mars the ‘Action’ planet stationed retrograde on the 24th January. Mars retrograde is similar to transiting Mars in the 12th. It’s a time when we might be feeling more hesitant rather than throwing ourselves in to new projects or situations.

Some of us may be more accident prone as though the universe is telling us to slow our natural impulses down, and take a break. Watch out also for passive aggression – or sneaky indirect methods to getting what we want. You may do this yourself, or be a victim of this kind of behavior It’s a time to ‘watch your back’ especially with co/ workers or bosses.

Virgo rules work, health, self care programs, pets, and our daily routines.
During this time we might want to re asses our own motivation as it may seem hard to get motivated or to start new projects. To avoid situations being blown out of proportion check your motives first before you decide to confront any issues.

Retrograde cycles are best used to re focus, re charge, back track, & re think especially regarding issues from the past where by small but key errors have led to major problems. Maybe use this period therapeutically! Any issues from the past might be better resolved in a roundabout way, or at a more auspicious time . ( Mars goes direct on 14th April)

The Hermit card correlates to Virgo. The Hermit deals with solitude and introspection, and is about learning through self- reflection. It’s also about how you serve others through the knowledge that you’ve gained. The Hermit figure shedding the light for others to follow offers a clear perspective from abstract thought. Besides representing the old wise man the Hermit on a more esoteric level is the old wise woman especially in her form of Queen Persephone who guides souls into the underworld in winter and back to rebirth in spring.
Essential oils for Virgo and the Hermit Card are. Sage, Wintergreen & Caraway.

Things maybe to re- consider while Mars is retrograde in Virgo are Surgical procedures, business transactions, sports events, building manufacturing, engineering, mechanical projects.

On more personal level this retrograde phase might be a good time to re-evaluate Mars/ Virgo issues. Here’s my list.

1) I Have the confidence, self esteem & self belief to be the person i want to be.
2) My work is my purpose & gift.
3) My life choices are not up for scrutiny.
7) I have the right to live my life and be happy & healthy as i see fit.
8) How i express myself is who i am.
9) My Honesty.
10)My Strength.
11)My Power.
12)My Wisdom have been earned.
12) I work as many days of the week as i can, want to or need to.
13) How i choose to spend my hard earned cash is my business.
14) How i price my products, and services are a reflection of my worth.
15) Bearing a grudge says more about you then me ( i suggest drop the grudge or drop me!)
16) Criticizing, ‘nit picking’ narrow mindedness, envy, leads to bitter loneliness.
17) I am Not Perfect.
18) You are not perfect
19) cruelty to animals holds a Karmic penalty, as does being
20 Cruel to others.

Regret is a futile emotion. Suppressing who you are is even worse.
We are all ‘Work in progress’ and we are all prone to making mistakes, which is how we learn to be the Wise Old Hermit. When we criticize others & their life choices it’s our lives that really need self examination.


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