The New & Full Moon:

The New & Full Moon.
The new and Full Moon is our gateway to connection we have with planetary life and energy. We can become conscious of those energies in a new way. We can get to know ourselves, and the world better allowing revelations to come to us through intuition.
The New Moon is a time to begin new projects – initiate agreements and get to know the environment of your expected project. The effects of the new Moon are shown in outward changes. The effects of the Full Moon are more emotional and directed inwards.
The Full Moon is a time to get connected. It’s a good time to leave anything that doesn’t serve or work including others behind.
Many people react to the energies of the Full Moon with feelings of stress, the Moon is opposite the Sun, therefore we feel at odds with ourselves and with others. What we want and what we can actually get seem so far removed from each other leading to feelings of despair and hopelessness. A regular full Moon Mediation can make a tremendous difference over time. Connection with the energies of the Moon can be a Magical experience. Practising regularly will eventually lead to a new relationship to her illuminating rays.
The Full Moon in Libra on the 6 April 2012:
Moon in Libra ruled by Venus is the energy of cooperation, supportive, alliances and the creation of a win/win situation for the solution to a problem
Libra Key phrase is “I Balance” Libra Key word is “Harmony”
Libra also stands for Justice and Fairness. Working with the energies of this Libra Moon can create balance or in balance – depending on what it is you wish to achieve.
Trying to achieve Balance or harmony in a situation that has past its sell by date may achieve nothing but the opposite. Listening to our ‘inner voice’ and trusting the message that’s being conveyed to us is the key to achieving the answers and even a solution.
Every one of us has Intuition. The answers that we seek mostly lie deep within.
Tarot cards:
Tarot Cards act as a are a gate way to fine tune your intuition. Each Card is unique in its meaning and interpretation. The High Priestess, “The keeper of psychic Knowledge” is an ideal card to work with during the full Moon phases. It is often said that when the High Priestess appears in a reading you are your own best Psychic. Meditate through her energy have the card in front of you before you close your eyes and ask her for guidance, she will never lead down the wrong path. Pay attention to the images you see through your meditation, write them down or draw them if you are artistically inclined you’ll be amazed what you are shown through the power of your own intuition.


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