Full Moon in Scorpio — 6 May 2012: Sun in Taurus Opp Moon in Scorpio.

The up and coming Full Moon In Scorpio, on the 6 May 2012 offers us the opportunity to heal some deep-seated emotional wounds. We’ve all been Wounded emotionally – Some of us in our Childhood by our Parents and some of us in adulthood by an emotionally abusive partner. Many of us have abused our selves in some way.

Emotional Healing:

The depth and intensity of this Scorpio Moon can trigger some extreme emotions, ranging from the dark to the light. Power struggles,conflicts of opinions that need to be aired may get out of control, passions running high and/ or secrets being unearthed, are all part of this full Moon’s energies. Those that find it hard to express their feelings or opinions maybe forced to ‘say it like it is’. Emotional situation’s, where by there are issues with control  will seem unbearable during this phase. Fears and obsession  are likely to surface  at this time as well.We must not forget though, the healing and transforming  powers of Scorpio.  This Full Moon is a wonderful opportunity to heal, and purge that —  which no longer serves us. Painful as this may sound, Pluto Scorpio’s ruler takes no prisoners… It’s never too late to learn our  life lesson’s, and  until we do, we’ll  be presented with the same issues in a different guise!

Mercury / Saturn — suggest a see-saw between communication and honest expression (Mercury is currently in Aries, Saturn in Libra) There maybe a conflict of opinions that need to be aired; This is not an ‘easy breezy’ aspect… however it does have a somewhat sobering effect with Stern Saturn in Libra..Look at it like this —  The strict teacher tapping us on the knuckles with a ruler if we speak  out of turn(Saturn) Or blurting out our thoughts without care  or consideration for anyone else. (Mercury in Aries). The Venusian aspect does soften things a little though but don’t be fooled by Libra, The iron fist in the Velvet Glove!

Mars/Neptune opposition can work in many ways, but be careful… if something seems too good to be true, then it most probably is!

Scorpio is Fire of Water..Pluto/ Mars. Think deep healing, transformation and purification..Working with divine healing through the Element of Fire would be extremely beneficial during this Phase. Whether you are Fire walking, building a bomb Fire or meditating by the flame of a flickering candle,be aware of the trans-formative energies available to us through the Power and intensity of this Full Moon.

Best Wishes.



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