Prince William turns 30 – June 21 2012 Read his Astrology Chart notes. By Rosa Derriviere

Prince Williams Chart notes :
Prince William, born William Arthur Phillip Louis Mountbatten.
Born 21 June 1982
Paddington London
9.03 Am
Sagittarius Ascendant. With Neptune in Sagittarius gives the prince his charm Shyness, dashing good looks and athletic ability.
Sun In cancer in the 7th house reveals a very sensitive nature and emotional inner being. His principles, motives or purpose is the security of those closest to him. He was especially close and supportive of his late mother Diana, with whom he shares the same Sun Ascendant & Venus position. Sun in the 7th – House of marriage and partnerships would indicate a lasting marriage with a compatible partner.
Moon in Cancer makes him very caring and nurturing as well as moody and insecure. He would have good parenting skills and be a very protective and nurturing father. Moon in cancer can also be a bit if a ‘home body snuggling up on the sofa after a good meal and enjoying being with family and friends is important to William.
Property, Catering, Cooking, and public security are natural fields for this placement. (William is already in the armed forces looking after national security)
The Mid heaven in Scorpio relates to public image, career and goal aspirations and with Jupiter also in Scorpio suggests a spiritual or travel related career or a vocation with a sensitive investigative side. Like his late Mother there’s also an interest in the occult and mystical side of life. Princess Diana regularly consulted Astrologers and Psychics for advice and guidance, when she was alive and was very comfortable within that environment.
Mercury in Gemini in its own sign gives him excellent powers of learning and communication. His interests are varied, and he is very sharp, clever and witty.
Mercury in the the 5th house makes William a natural teacher, he would be particularly good with teaching young people, and Children perhaps even Child psychology would be a natural calling for him
Venus in Taurus in the 5th house in its own sign Gives prince William Excellent taste and judgement and good common sense as well as excellent financial skills and talent. This is a fertile placement in Astrology and suggests the possibility of many children for the future. Venus in Taurus relates to the Female principle – this may suggest having girls rather than boys, although not set in stone. Venus in the 5th produces talented children with a natural flare for the arts, design, and creative expression. They are often blessed with good looks charm and charisma.
Jupiter in Scorpio in the 9th “Jupiter the benefice Healer” in the 9th house of the higher mind fate destiny and long distant travel. Prince William shows potential to be a much love monarch Jupiter in the 9th (the king making Jupiter) would indicate much power to effect social change should he become King.
Saturn in Libra puts the breaks on his Mars in Libra This is called a conjunction in Astrology (Which means in the same sign) Saturn being the disciplinarian and karmic teacher of life lessons adds much caution and realism in his relationships. Hence his delay in marring Kate. His role as a husband and father is taken seriously and this would also indicate a long and happy marriage.
This position is also good for designing Sculpting and personal management
Uranus in Sagittarius in the 11th Is a generation of wanderers who seek spiritual and religious meaning. The 11th house also related to groups and charities and is the placement for humanitarian projects. William is already involved in many charities and with the Sagittarius would indicate charities that span globally.
Pluto in Libra in the 9th house is a generation that goes through very intense – life changing relationship issues… This placement often draws those to archaeology or other subjects revolving around pre history. This is also an excellent placement for those involved in Psychology. Other areas of interest would be anything of an investigative nature such as science research. i.e. Cancer research.

Williams life path number 11
The number 11 in numerology is a master number which indicates a strong demanding and uncompromising destiny. It’s about revelation early calling and heavy responsibility.
Kate Middleton
Born 9th January 1982
Time of birth unknown
Kate and Williams chart together
Kate and William share much common ground as they were born 6 months apart Both Sun and Mercury in their charts are well matched giving spiritual emotional and mental compatibility There’s a Solid Link between Williams Venus and Kate’s Mars ensuring love and affection between them. Their Venus signs differ however – Kate’s Venus in rebellious Aquarius squares Williams Venus in Earthy and sensual Taurus. Squares create intensity in terms of what they like to do socially or how they spend their money .Williams Ascendant in Sagittarius does not blend well with Kate’s Sun in Capricorn. There will be some personal friction there – however she will be supportive of William. Kate’s birth time is unknown so this is an important piece of the puzzle in terms of their overall attraction
The 2 Moons are in the same sign of Cancer. They will feel very comfortable together on an emotional domestic and personal level. Moon in Cancer is at home. Giving strong protective instincts both will be Home bodies to a large extent.
Kate & William as parents.
Kate’s Moon in Cancer will provide the little ones with emotional security, reassurance and strong family ties. The Moon is at Home in cancer and Kate will be a natural when it comes to being a Mother She will dote on her offspring – just needs to avoid manipulation and being over protective when it’s time for them to flee the nest. William’s sun in Cancer He’ll have a very similar parenting style to Kate. Cancer is very protective of their loved ones and William would probably enjoy being very hands on right from the start. Williams 5th house Venus gives him the ability to understand his children on a deep psychological level too. He’ll make a wonderful father, and will have a very special relationship with his daughters if there are any.

Their Mercury’s are trine in Air signs signifying great communication both verbally and mentally Both Aquarius and Gemini like to talk and socialize and share ideas and knowledge.
Their Sun’s are in opposition signifying balance cooperation and compromise. Although there may be struggles with who rules the roost or wears the trousers, but their charts as a whole are well matched and compatible so they should be able to work out any problems. Williams Mars in Libra is compatible with Kate’s Venus in Aquarius. Mars in Libra in both charts means they’ll be quite active socially and artistically. Both have a keen interest in the occult and the paranormal – Both have a keen desire to create beauty &harmony in their world and environment.
Sculpture, art, fashion design, architecture, music, and History are all fields of interest for them. Mars and Saturn combined with Pluto give both Kate and William and their generation much power to effect social change.
Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius gives both Kate and William and their generation a powerful sense of awareness of what’s going on internationally and what the collective moral and spiritual climate is. They are both natural travellers and with their keen interest and awareness of world affairs means they’ll be well respected by world leaders, for their involvement and commitment in Global projects..
Kate in particular will be seen as a charismatic and strong woman in her own right.
Kate’s Chart has Echo’s of Diana’s… Jupiter and the Moon in Diana’s chart in Aquarius rebels against convention. Kate has Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, and Moon in Cancer (Diana’s Sun was in Cancer) no wonder Wills proposed with his mothers Engagement ring.
Their Future will be much happier than Diana’s and Charles. Both have a much more compatible chart. A wife’s Moon in the same sign as her husband’s Sun is a very good indicator of marital Happiness.
Saturn square Venus in Diana’s and Charles’s chart. Woman with this configuration often marry at first for security or out of a sense of duty- often to an older financially successful man.
Prince Williams Chart shows the potential to be a much loved Monarch with the King making Jupiter at its highest point of leadership in the 9th house. Neptune on his ascendant and his powerful sun/ Moon combination in the10th house of Public image, also Chiron the wonderful healer in Taurus is at the point of his mothers Venus. He and Kate could heal his nation and the world of the ultimate loss of his mother


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