About Rosa

Rosa Derriviere is a genuine, clairvoyant Psychic Astrologer,with 20 years experience in the UK and abroad. Rosa’s southern Italian family are no strangers to magic, healing, and white witches. Benevento is where Rosa’s parents first met A tiny village named Puduli. Rosa recalls seeing her grandmother performing a powerful healing ritual the very first time she met her at the age of just eight years old . Benevento is famous for its white witches, and sorcery… and the potent liquor Strega which translates into “Wise woman”

Rosa Practices, the old religion which is like wicca.Using Astrology, moon phases and connecting to the Goddess energies, her work as a clairvoyant is powerful and transformative. A reading with Rosa is undeniably real! Her dynamic work has taken her around the globe. A teacher, healer, astrologer, and an all round mystic Rosa has proved to be one of the most respected and talented psychics in the UK. Always positive her integrity never allows her to take short cuts that would compromise her work in the long run. Rosa has featured a lot in the media and in numerous news papers on Radio and in Magazines. She was one of the original founders at Psychic TV and appeared regularly on Sky platform 886. Her amazing work teaching guiding, and caring about the people who beat a path to her door continues. Many people who have readings with Rosa have described her work as “spot on” accurate relevent, and above all real….

Visit her flagship website at http://www.rosaderriviere.co.uk

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