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Full Moon 6 degree’s of Sagittarius May 28th 2010

The next up and coming full moon is in the Mutable fire sign, of Sagittarius Or the centaur… half Horse Half Man. Sun Sign Astrology, often describes Sagittarius as out going, out spoken, teacher, preacher,wise woman/man all talking all-seeing sometimes OTT Honest, generous, sporty, sometimes Genius….Think walt Disney, Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix…to name a few. What ever you think about Sagittarius, they more often than not… leave their own unique mark in society one way or another. Most go through many dramatic twists and turns, in their lives before reaching success. This is the sign with boundless energy and physical strength…There’s a tendency to take on too much, promise more than can be deliverd because they truly believe, that they can.!

Sagittarius rules long distance travel,(a priority to a true sagi) Often Restless, and always in search of ‘The Truth’ one things for sure, you’ll rarely see a lonely Sagittarius even if they choose not to settle down or marry .. Always Young at heart, most people love being around them. A night out with them will have you rolling around in stitches of laughter. They know how to have a good time and laugh at – and with other as well as at themselves. The female Centaur is independent, sexy intelligent strong and wise however… one of their stumbling blocks is in affairs of the heart! Sagittarius, often make foolish choices in love because they love adventure, and anything that stretches beyond the Mundane. Although this tends to happen more, in their youth… The saying ‘It’s never to late’ must have been invented by a Sagittarius.. they are the greatest optimists!

The full Moon in this benevolent sign, on the 28th of May is a time for some long-awaited dreams and aspirations to come to fruition… You are likely to benefit the most if, you were born from the 28th November to the beginning of December.(The first 4 days ) The sun however forms a difficult angle to pluto though…. so watch out for power struggles… Anything that’s been smouldering beneath the surface may well rear its head, during this phase .. On the 27th, Uranus The revolutionary planet moves into Aries so we can expect some new bold and fresh inventions to come about..

May has been a slow month, so far. As it come to a close, and as we approach June Some very much-needed fresh vibrant energy will give us the impetus to forge forwards this summer!.
Love Rosa xx

New Moon in Taurus about to enter Gemini -14th May!

Heal your past: New Moon May 2010
Empower the present
Look to the future

There you are: You’ve made a decision, thought out a course of action and you’re striding merrily along your new direction then you hit an obstacle! You’re thrown off track, and you don’t know what to do? Is the universe trying to tell you something? Are you supposed to be doing something differently to what you first thought? Your resolve to change things begins to lose steam and you find yourself close to grinding to a halt. Fear and inertia is lurking closer and closer…. what do you do next?
This is often the point at which many of us gives up, and decides that maybe we were wrong to even think, that we could change ourselves and our life path! If there’s an obstacle then surly the universe is telling us to turn back- Go back to the way things were before Back to safety. And the space that felt familiar!
Some of us recognise a challenge more than others, when we see one and know that the universe is really teaching us to find a way around that obstacle… The lessons we remember the most, are the ones that we’ve worked the hardest to learn. If we give up easily we stand to gain very little! If we keep at it and find our own unique way around the obstacle, we learn more about our own resilience and creativity in solving problems and set-backs. We learn to trust ourselves no matter what life throws at us because we believe in ourselves.
As we approach mid- year some of us may look back, and wonder where the time went? Others will be celebrating with relief that we’re in a new era! And, that 2010 brings some much needed peace happiness and joy….? (Doesn’t seem fitting given the recent election I know.) Hopefully new beginnings?… Raise your vibration today or your glass later on… Stand strong in your truth even if it feels a little scary…Go on…give it a GOOD TRY.
Love Rosa xxxx